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Best wedding décor ideas

Wedding day is one of the most important days in people’s life. It is supposed to be a really special day full of joy and happiness and an amazing advent to a new phase of life. That is why everything and anything about the wedding ceremony deserves to be special and amazing so that you remember this day for the rest of your life. For your big day, you might want the look to be a little different. You can give a different look to your wedding day by having a trendy décor. Decorations can be difficult but are an exciting part of the wedding reception. Decorations are a great tool to impress your guests and even yourself. Recently pinterest inspired décor ideas are a hit. But they are suitable usually for a small space. Applying pinterest ideas are a headache in big weddings that are held in big banquets. So, we have compiled a list of beautiful décor ideas that you can use in any scale or type of wedding. If you execute the task well and make a little effort then you will be able to personalize your wedding and make it beautiful, even in budget. So, go ahead and look at some of our ideas-

Drape the ceiling

This is one of the easiest ways to give a classy look to your wedding venue. You can drape your ceiling with simple white curtains or any color and fabric you like to make the venue look extremely beautiful. The color of the drapes can match your theme. If you go with a bright color than you can lighten other decorations to give out a contrast that will make the room come alive.


Centerpieces can add great charm to a lifeless table. You can choose the centerpiece according to the style of wedding. Get wooden vases for a rustic style wedding, white and pink flowers for a flowery look. You do not need to limit yourself to flowers inside the vase, you can also pick ferns and herbs along with the blooms. It can be a great method to glorify your wedding venue’s look. You can even have fruity centerpieces with cherries or cucumber to make your décor adorable. Another option is using table lamps where you can create height using lamps. Putting flowers around the table is a good way to hide the wires and make the table prettier.

Chalkboard signs

Blackboards are a very contemporary and trendy way to decorate your wedding space. Love quotes or messages written with chalk and hung around the venue are definitely instagram worthy and that is where the guests will post your venue’s pictures. You can put up the chalkboards on the entrance or at the bar. Also, you can border it with cool frames and cute paintings to jazz it up and add some funk to it.


This piece of decoration will give a very romantic and ancient vibe to the environment. A stunning candelabrum will surely catch the attention of your guests and add to the style quotient of your wedding. It is of course more suitable for wedding held indoors. Even in candelabras, you have the option of selecting plain white candles or other pastel colors with a brass or glass setting.

Colored glassware

This is such a trendy option that you can choose for your wedding and it will add beautiful colors to your wedding decorations. For a pretty wedding, colored glassware can add pop to the tables and multiply their attractiveness. Colored glassware can contrast well to a light color themed wedding by adding a touch of color to the monochrome surroundings.

Calligraphic menus

Printing our menus and escort cards in plain fonts can look a little boring. You can get different and new scripts for your written requirements that will add a lot to the style of the wedding overall. You can use the calligraphed escort cards to make a bulletin board of the seating arrangement and the guests won’t have to struggle to look up their seats at the table.

Flower hangings

You can use flowers not only for centerpieces but also for hanging them from the ceiling. Hanging flowers just above a few feet of the guests’ heads will create a fun look where people will keep looking up from time to time. It will give make the venue a more intimate space and also make the ceiling seem higher.

So, these were just some of the ways in which you can decorate your wedding venue and make your special day even more special. Most of these decorations won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. These ideas are very trendy and easy to execute. Bollywood banquets is the perfect wedding space to incorporate all your wedding décor ideas.