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How to plan a perfect Bollywood wedding

Bollywood has fans all over the world. It has become more than just a label for Indian Film industry. It is a genre that can be seen in movies, music, dance, and style. Bollywood as a theme is full of drama. It is excited, colourful, dynamic, and fun. It never goes out if style. If you're a fan if Hindi Cinema then you know how grand and majestic bollywood can be. Everything is larger than life in bollywood and that is what makes it fun. Bollywood can bring alive any event that is happening and that is what keeps it always in trend, all over the world. If you're a bollywood buff then you especially know what we're talking about. To a non-Indian, bollywood is a spic of the exotic. It is especially famous when it comes to wedding themes. A Bollywood wedding theme is so much fun and easy to manage. You can use quirky ideas to spice up your special day by giving it the grandiose appearance it deserves. A Bollywood wedding will be a day to remember as it will look like something out of a dream. So, if you're planning to have a funky crazy bollywood wedding then here are some tips that will help you on your special day-

Tacky invitations

You need to start with a bang, just like any other typical Bollywood movie. You need to create some noise about your trendy wedding and give the guests some time to prepare themselves for the theme. Your invite can have movie posters on them or a picture of the groom riding a horse. Make the invitation out of the box and add a lot of glitz to the invitation. You can also make quirky videos inspired by any famous bollywood movie.

Host a sangeet or sagai function

Since it will be a cultural wedding, do not forget to add some real authentic Indian style functions like a sangeet where friends amd family come together to dance. It will be a perfect time for you to show off your freshly learnt Bollywood dance moves on the latest groovy tunes. You can also hold a Mehendi function where the bride and her friends get their hands painted with henna. Henna painted hands can be a beautiful accessory to your wedding attire with beautiful intricate designs woven into your hand to decorate them. There is also a function called sagai which is basically a ring exchange ceremony where the to be couple gathers as a pre requisite and make each other wear their engagement rings.

The perfect decor

The decoration is the most important thing that will define how you well you are able to pull off the Bollywood theme for your wedding. As you know, you need to make your wedding decor colourful, focusing on the colour red. You can use elephant motifs. Make sure you have a grand and shiny centrepiece. Use Crystal and jeweled accents and make your venue glamourous. You can also have a centre stage that has a spot light where the bride and groom can be surrounded by opulence and grandeur. Pay attention to the details. Use embroidery and glitter on the clothes you use for decorations. Use bold colours and play with red, pink royal blue, green, while embellishing them with bright gold and silver. The drapes and cushions need to have that flash and gloss. Also, have a bollywood inspired menu with spicy food that reminds your guests of the spice of Bollywood.

Perfect outfits

Everyone plays the role of a Bollywood movie star in the wedding. You can pick a theme like the 80s or 90s for the guests so that they also have a chance to dress up a bit. But the bride and groom need to have fabulous designer outfits. Wear heavy lehengas or simple sarees with delicate work on them. Find your perfect drape of sarees and choose the most suitable fabric for your clothes. Wear appropriate jewellery, preferably gold like any heroine in a movie. The groom can wear a Kurta pyjama with details of gold or silver and come riding on a horse, to marry his wife, bollywood style. For the guests, you can keep a photo boothe so that they can also indulge in the drama and take back pictures where they are dressed up as Bollywood movie stars with an array of fan following.

Perfect Music and Wedding Photo shoot

A good choice of music will make yiur wedding so much better. You can ask your friends and family to prepare performances on famous bollywood songs like it happens in all Indian weddings. Make sure you click all the pictures in crazy Bollywood poses taken straight out of famous movies. You can even change your style of clothes to get different and exotic pictures clicked.

If you are able to pull off a good Bollywood style wedding then it will be nothing less than a fantasy. All you need to do is brush up your Bollywood skills and make your wedding a blast.