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Things to keep in mind before hiring a catering service

Catering Services

Event management is an art that requires a lot of practice and intelligence. You need to have amazing skills of management to manage a successful event, be it a wedding or a conference. You might need multiple things like DJs, bartenders, event staff, venues, talent managers, design teams depending on the event that you plan to organize. You can either hire an event management team or just do it yourself. Either way, one of the most integral aspects of organizing an event is catering. You need to have a unique style of food that defines you and your event. The most important conversations in an event usually happen around food, so you need to make sure that your catering service is impeccable and all the right discussions are happening around food. A good service staff will make sure your guests leave satisfied. If you have hired a good caterer then half of your tension about the event will go away. So, here are some tips that will help you ask the right questions from the catering agency you are planning to hire.

Decide your budget and hire accordingly

It is very necessary that you decide the scale of your event. If it is a business meeting or a wedding, you need to know how many people you are inviting, what the venue is, what kind of food you want served; appetizers, lunch or dinner. If you are planning the event yourself then you can decide the budget according to how much you have spent on other things. When you arrive for a budget for catering, then you need to find an agency that fits your bill.

Check their experience

Before hiring a catering service; you need to see if they have handled similar events to yours. You can also look for their customer reviews and ask for references. You can get an idea of their service by noticing how they handle questions from their clients and if they have a high quality standard. They must be willing to work hard to satisfy you as their client and also your guests. You can also ask them for their portfolio to know what kind of work they have done in the past and if their work matches your requirement. Looking at the pictures of the events that they have done in the past will show you their style and aesthetic.

Think about the menu

You need to have an idea about what kind of food you want at your event. Different events will require different meals; so approach the catering services with ideas of your own. You will of course need to discuss the menu with the agency and based on their experience they will be able to tell you the crowd favorites and what kind of food will suit your event. Ask them for their specials and you can choose from what they do best.

Check out their range of services

The kind of level of service provided by the caterers varies and therefore you need to ask them if they provide just food services or other additions as well. Some catering services provide linens, décor, seating arrangements, etc and also help you co-ordinate with other required services. So, make sure your needs match their available services.

Meet their staff

Ask them for a consultation meeting where they can discuss your plans and also make you meet their staff. Make sure they are fully equipped to handle your event. In the consultation, you can ask them if they have the staff for buffet or a server each table for a sit down dinner and a bartender if your event requires one. You must know who is in charge so that you know the central person who you will contact in case of a problem. Just have a chat with the staff and make sure that they are friendly and efficient. The number of people in the staff depends on the kind of event you are hosting, so make sure the catering service has enough staff available.

Go for Menu tastings

The most important part of the caterer’s service is food. You need to make sure that the food is impeccable. So, select a couple of agencies and go for their menu tasting. You need to approve the dishes that they will serve at your event. By sampling the food you will also get to know the way they will present the food. You can also tell them the changes you want and it will save a lot of hassle during the event. Do not forget to ask them if they make fresh meals during the event or if they pre-cook the food and serve it later at the event.

So, here were the main things that you should think about before you hire a catering service. Make sure you explore all your options and choose the best one possible to make your event a success.