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Indian Wedding Traditions Strengthening the Bonds of Matrimony

India is a jubilant, colorful, and a nation where different traditions co-exist and live in peace and harmony. The best part is the traditions and customs that the nations follows and keeps the fire ignited in the hearts of each and every individual to follow the sacred path of traditions.

Indian wedding ceremony traditions, unlike different weddings, are completely a festival if one looks at them that way. They are filled with dynamism, culture, and brilliance. The wedding customs in India range attributable to language, caste and geographical variations, religion, etc. In contrast to weddings abroad, Indian weddings don't call for a formal get-together of family, relatives and close friends, however, the list of guests here goes on to increase till the day of marriage. And it is for this reason, a significant number of guests at the wedding seems to be complete unknowns for the groom and the bride.

Because of the conjoining of diverse cultures in India and the upsurge of modernism sweeping throughout, the Indian Traditions have also had a few adjustments keeping the mounted conventions. Let us consider arranged marriages, they have been observed in the beautiful old days, while inside the contemporary international, people have commenced going for romance marriages.

The list of Indian wedding ceremony Traditions is limitless and varies as per the social background. However, the traditional weddings are broken up into three major sections of events as pre-, post- and wedding day ceremonies. There are numerous venues in Canada for Indian weddings or receptions. Bollywood Banquet Hall, Surrey, BC is popular to make special occasions highly exciting and memorable.

The pre-wedding customs consist of a number of ceremonies out of which the one that subsequently is of sheer importance for the bride and groom is Mehendi which is accomplished an afternoon earlier than the wedding. In this rite, the arms and feet of the bride are embellished and intricate designs and patterns are drawn with henna. The very subsequent day, ceremonial cleaning is done and the bride prepares for her day. When the bridegroom arrives at the doorway, his to-be mother-in-law welcomes him with a traditional gesture of Aarti. And as the sister-in-law of the groom block his way through and tie a ribbon at the entryway to ask for a gift from the groom and then grant him permission to visit his bride.

After the sumptuous dinner, progressing with the mahurat, the Circumambulation of hearth rite takes vicinity. Then comes the most difficult of all for the bride's side, the Vida ceremony is held whereby the bride is sent together with the groom to his residence. The couple is welcomed by the grooms' mother with conventional Aarti. The bride then steps inside the domestic bliss and sets her right foot first in the vermilion paste and then kicks the pot full of rice.

There start her domestic bliss and her happy married life. Whilst performing these rituals, the partners come close to each other and build their romantic relationship for the lifetime. Book Bollywood banquet hall as everything is at perfection from amenities to catering here!